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1205 Queen St. West, Unit 1, Toronto, ON, M6K 1L2

647.352.5683 (LOVE)

Love and Greed is more than a clothing store for men. It’s an education in fashion, fit and style—a place that intends to change the way men dress in Toronto. Here, shop owner Sunny offers unique, NYC-inspired office and weekend wear from select brands that reflect his style. Names that are hard to find in Toronto or unavailable in Canada are what Love and Greed is all about—like Alexander Nash, which is exclusively available in store.

Love and Greed is a place that’s not about unlimited choices; it’s about the right choices. The clothing is made from the finest Italian, American and Japanese fabrics, and the accessories are made to complement them. With Japanese-made selvage denim and work jackets and American-made shoes, bottoms and tops, Love and Greed is the fashion-forward gentleman’s one-stop shop for hats, socks and everything in between. This is where men try on great clothing, find their fit and sip a good old-fashioned glass of whisky while they’re at it.

The man behind Love and Greed is Sunny. At an early age, he took notice of his grandfather’s classic style, a style that was shaped while living in England and working in Africa. To this day, he is still the best-dressed man Sunny has ever known, and he is the inspiration behind it all: Sunny’s love for fashion and now Love and Greed.

The name, however, comes from a different place—a place in Sunny’s life that made him realize that you need to love yourself before you can truly be happy. This is the foundation of Love and Greed. It’s a store where men invest in their image, themselves and their happiness. When they step in the door, they’re empowered and educated. When they step out, they look damn good.

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